2014-15 Ches-Mont Preseason Predictions

The author predicts West Chester Henderson to be the big winners this season. (Candice Monhollan)

The author predicts West Chester Henderson to be the big winners this season. (Candice Monhollan)

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is try to make predictions on the outcome of the season before you even get to see every single team play just once, but that’s what is going to happen here. Please, keep the spears and pitchforks away. These are just Candice’s predictions — I repeat, predictions. I don’t claim to own a crystal ball or know something that no one else does. The only things I have to go off of are eights games I’ve watched partially or fully during the Hick’s Cup tournament, staring long and hard for hours at the rosters, speaking with just about all of the coaches in my coverage area of the division (you coaches who haven’t yet answered my e-mails know who you are) and how the teams performed last season. Mind you, I’m only guessing with the five teams not in my area (Boyertown, Owen J. Roberts, Perkiomen Valley, Spring-Ford and Sun Valley) because I have no contact with those coaches, I haven’t seen their rosters nor have I seen any of them play a single game this preseason.

So, here you go. Take my predictions however you will. And I do invite anyone who disagrees or agrees to voice your opinions in the comments section.

Final standings (regular season)

  1. West Chester Bayard Rustin
  2. West Chester Henderson
  3. Unionville
  4. Downingtown East
  5. West Chester East
  6. Boyertown
  7. Perkiomen Valley
  8. Downingtown West
  9. Great Valley
  10. Spring-Ford
  11. Sun Valley
  12. Owen J. Roberts

Ches-Mont Champions

I believe it will come down to a battle between Downingtown East and West Chester Bayard Rustin with East coming out on top in overtime. East fell just shy of winning last year in the championship game against West Chester Henderson and I’m willing to bet it left a sour taste in their mouths and will help propel them to the title this season.

Flyers Cup Champions

I feel as though this might be the year for Henderson. I also think it was their year last season as well had it not been for an injury to one of their top players. They were just one goal away from going the path Rustin did and they probably would have had the same fate. If Henderson stays healthy – especially captain Matt Carreras – then they will succeed in winning the Flyers Cup and carrying that momentum forward to win the State Championship. It also helps that they are very deep at forward and should have the best goaltending tandem in the division with Connor Carroll and Tyler Bonjo.

Player of the Year

If you read the Daily Local News, then you know I get to choose the Player of the Year and Coach of the Year for the Local’s All-Area Winter teams. I’m not even going to try to predict the Coach of the Year because I weigh too many options in that (not to mention last season was a dead-heat between two coaches who shall remain nameless…it literally took me until the night before I was to submit my pick to finally make the choice between the two). But I will predict my Player of the Year and it will probably come as no surprise to see my prediction as Matt Carreras. I believe he will follow in his older brother’s footsteps. I don’t think he’ll quite match his brother’s point production (69 points in 18 regular season games is just unreal), but I feel he’ll lead the league just like Eric. Just watching him through two games in the Hicks Cup is enough. You can’t help but sit on the edge of the bleachers whenever he gets the puck. He’s just that skilled, not to mention he’s a quick skater. It’s a perfect combination to win him the Player of the Year honors.


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