Ice Hockey: Conestoga overpowered by Strath Haven

Conestoga's Michaela Caldwell scored her team's only goal in a 10-1 loss to Strath Haven Thursday night. (Candice Monhollan)

Conestoga’s Michaela Caldwell scored her team’s only goal in a 10-1 loss to Strath Haven Thursday night. (Candice Monhollan)

ASTON — Goaltender Sarah Brock put up as best of fight as she could, but couldn’t withstand the onslaught of shots from Strath Haven as Conestoga fell 10-1 in a divisional game Thursday night at IceWorks.

The sophomore faced 26 shots in the game, with several coming on second and third chances as the puck couldn’t be cleared out of Conestoga’s (2-5) end.

“She faced a lot of shots,” said Conestoga coach Leo Switucha. “She was doing her best. Strath Haven was just overwhelming. They have some good skaters that head for the net on every play. If they didn’t get it on the first try, they got it on the second or third try.”

Strath Haven (4-2) struck 33 seconds into the game, courtesy of freshman defenseman Eleanor Miller, and didn’t let up through all 45 minutes.

“We were a little out-matched,” Switucha said. “The other team had a lot of good skaters and they were more aggressive to the puck. We just couldn’t keep up with them. We have some first-year players and not quite as many club players as they do. That was the difference.”

The Panthers tallied five goals in the first alone.

Though the Pioneers also had their goal scored in the opening frame when junior forward Michaela Caldwell broke through to defenders to on her way to the net.

Unfortunately, it was the only goal which would come from Conestoga as it couldn’t slow down the opposition, who also scored short-handed in the third.

It also helped that senior goaltender Kendall Smythe was successful in shutting the door on several shots from Caldwell and junior Priscilla Orr.

Even with the game slipping from their grasp, the Conestoga players kept fighting in the game.

“The leaders on our team are so good about helping our newer players along and that’s what makes the difference,” Switucha said.

The leaders have played a big role not only in the game, but the season as a whole as they have helped bring together the entire bench.

“We just have a really cohesive team and everyone loves playing the game and loves playing with each other,” Switucha said. “They’re just a good group of ladies.”


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