2014-15 EPIHA, ICSHL All-Stars

Matt_CarrerasAs per tradition, New Year’s Day will feature All-Star games from the EPIHA and ICSHL leagues.

Listed below are the All-Stars selected from each of the teams in the coverage area and which side they will be playing on come Thursday.

Congratulations to all the All-Stars!


National Division
Coach: Dave Dorman – Malvern Prep
Joey Abel – Malvern Prep
Doug Hook – Malvern Prep
Michael Churchvara – Malvern Prep
Josh Silvestri – Malvern Prep
Brian Rawlins – Malvern Prep
Matthew Hollingshead – Malvern Prep

 American Division
Patrick O’Donohoe – Bishop Shanahan
Brandon Fonticoba – Bishop Shanahan
Joseph Moran – Bishop Shanahan
Alex DeGarmo – Bishop Shanahan


National Division
Coach: Bill Hammond – Unionville
Kevin Cleary – West Chester East
Michael Grande – West Chester Bayard Rustin
Bill Stewart – West Chester East
Zach Hanaway – Downingtown West
Hayden Mathias – Great Valley
Ben Capetola – Great Valley
Mike Roberta – West Chester East
Brett Christie – West Chester Bayard Rustin
Chris Fabry – Downingtown West
Andrew Ungvary – Great Valley
Joel Sheriko – West Chester Bayard Rustin
Alec Higgins – Downingtown West
Joe Stacy – West Chester East
Jason Grande – West Chester Bayard Rustin

 American Division
Matt Kowash – Unionville
Matt Carreras – West Chester Henderson
Danny Donovan – Unionville
Bobby Kiefer – Downingtown East
Sean Miller – West Chester Henderson
Gabe Masters – Unionville
Eric Beren – West Chester Henderson
Joe Kubachka – Downingtown East
Jack Magee – Downingtown East
Jeff Cummings – Downingtown East
Michael Hansen – Unionville
Tyler Bonjo – West Chester Henderson


National Division
Coaches: Tom Petrondi, Beau Pettinos, Larry Rufo – Bishop Shanahan
Kaitlyn O’Donohoe – Bishop Shanahan
Mikaila Rubin – Bishop Shanahan
Caroline Davis – Conestoga
Casey Rubin – Bishop Shanahan
Michaela Caldwell – Conestoga
Sophie Paolizzi – West Chester East
Jada McBride – West Chester East
Priscilla Orr – Conestoga
Susan Roselli – Bishop Shanahan
Erin Bonner – West Chester East
Danielle Latare – West Chester East
Sara Petrondi – Bishop Shanahan

American Division
Coaches: Lauren Patterson, Chris Capobianco – Downingtown East
Elizabeth D’Ginto – Downingtown West
Catherine Ward – Unionville
Madison Beauregard – Downingtown East
Caroline Cody – Downingtown West
Alexa Weiderhold – Downingtown East
Emily Diehl – Downingtown West
Heidi Hunter – Avon Grove
Carly Kloss – Downingtown East
Katie Stueve – Downingtown East
Gabby Manocchio – Avon Grove
Emily Anderson – Unionville
Rashelle Terrey – Unionville
Lillian Jones – Unionville
Kat Hoppe – Downingtown East

*   *   *   *   *

TEAM BREAKDOWNS (by number of players)

Bishop Shanahan: 4
Downingtown East: 4
Downingtown West: 3
Great Valley: 3
Malvern Prep: 6
Unionville: 4
West Chester Bayard Rustin: 4
West Chester East: 4
West Chester Henderson: 4

Avon Grove: 2
Bishop Shanahan: 5
Conestoga: 3
Downingtown East: 5
Downingtown West: 3
Unionville: 4
West Chester East: 4


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