Malvern roughed up by Holy Ghost

Malvern Prep’s Joey Abel is pushed into the goalpost in a lopsided 3-1 loss to Holy Ghost Prep Monday night. Abel scored his team’s only goal in the game. (Candice Monhollan)

Malvern Prep’s Joey Abel is pushed into the goalpost in a lopsided 3-1 loss to Holy Ghost Prep Monday night. Abel scored his team’s only goal in the game. (Candice Monhollan)

PHILADELPHIA — There was the bad, and then there was the ugly on the ice between Malvern Prep and Holy Ghost Prep Monday night at the Flyers Skate Zone Northeast.

Unfortunately, the bad and the ugly all came on Malvern’s side in a lopsided 3-1 loss.

“We didn’t come prepared,” said head coach Dave Dorman. “Too many guys have their own agenda at times and until that improves and everyone pulls the rope in the same direction, we’re just going to see these results against the better teams.”

It took all of 67 seconds from the drop of the puck for Malvern to find itself in a 2-0 hole.

“That was a tough one,” Dorman said. “We just got beat up on the ice. We left our goalie hung out to dry on those first two goals within the first two minutes of the game. To me, that’s embarrassing and I think every guy in that locker room should be embarrassed by that tonight, coaching staff included.”

To make matters worse, officiating in the game was subpar, to say the least, especially against the Friars in the first period.

Two very questionable calls lead to back-to-back penalties. The first came when Malvern received two penalties to Holy Ghost’s one when a Malvern player was the one who was crosschecked up high.

The one leaving everyone scratching their heads was when Malvern’s penalty expired and Dorman sent a player over the boards, the referee whistled the Friars for a bench minor, saying that the penalty still had three seconds left even though the scoreboard showed that the penalty had ended.

The result? Another penalty kill and three seconds added back onto a penalty which had expired.

“I had to calm myself down at one point because I was beyond frustrated with (the penalties),” Dorman said. “Unfortunately, we can’t control those guys and we have to find a way to work around them if we have to. It was pretty bad, but you’re going to get that. You just have to find a way to remain calm and remain focused and try to get back to work.”

But all that ugliness came in the first period, leaving Malvern plenty of time to come back in the game.

Unfortunately, the Friars just couldn’t get anything going.

Even with the bad and the ugly, there was some good in the game, which came in the form of goaltender Matthew Hollingshead.

“Another bright spot, once again, was (Hollingshead),” Dorman said. “He was exceptional. He’s a kid that gives us an opportunity to win every game, regardless of the opponent. He’s a pretty special talent.”

Dorman also praised senior forward Joey Abel, who scored Malvern’s lone goal in the game late in the third period.

“Abel stepped up tonight and worked his tail off,” Dorman said. “He tried to put the team on his back and I give him a lot of credit for that.”

A lot of the play may have to do with the team coming in not quite ready to play, Dorman said. He noticed his players having problems in the room before the game tonight and it may have been what led to the problems on the ice.

“There were a good amount of guys working hard, but I think mentally we need to come out better,” he said. “We need to be more mentally focused and committed to all the causes. It starts with guys having issues before the game – wrong equipment. I think it’s emblematic of the game as a whole.”

Malvern will have a chance to exact revenge in just three days’ time as Holy Ghost will come to Ice Line Friday night for a rematch.

“I like that we get the opportunity to get right back to work and see what we can do against them on Friday,” Dorman said. “It will be at our rink and we’ll make sure we’re more prepared and ready to go.”


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